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WATCH: Car-hauler smacks into four-wheeler at downhill intersection


A semi truck was caught on surveillance video allegedly running a red light at an intersection in Massachusetts on Wednesday. 

The accident happened at the intersection of Route 1 and Morse Street in Norwood, Massachusetts and was filmed by a surveillance camera. 

According to ABC 5 News, the car carrier was coming down a hill when the light turned red and did not stop, causing it to crash into the rear end of a car moving through the intersection with a green light. The force of the impact spun the car around, leaving it sitting in the middle of the intersection, while the car hauler continued on its way. 

Police initially sent out a notification asking citizens to be on the lookout for the driver, but canceled it a short time later when the trucker returned to the scene. 

“He got back on Interstate 95 southbound and then circled back to get on Route 1 south and did pull up to the scene, although it was sometime later,” said Norwood police Chief William Brooks.

“We’re not charging him with leaving the scene because he seemed honest when he said, ‘I was trying to get back here. I’m not from the area,’ so he returned to the scene of his own volition,” Brooks continued. 

The motorist in the car sustained only minor injuries in the accident, and the trucker was cited for running a red light. Check out the video of the incident, below.


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