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WATCH: Fellow driver passes out fuel money to unsuspecting truckers 


A trucking enthusiast and Youtuber shocks drivers by paying for their next fuel up in this heartwarming video. 

In the clip, Youtuber Bruce Wilson approaches owner operators at a truck stop, listens to their thoughts on today’s trucking climate, and ends each encounter with a wad of cash. Without fail, each driver is so surprised at his kindness that they think he’s joking, or ask if he’s serious over and over again. 

“Struggling with rates, insurance,” says one driver about trucking today. “It’s hard to make it out here.”

But once he’s handed the cash, the driver only wants to make sure some other trucker who needs it more has the opportunity to take it. 

“Just give it to someone else that needs it more, man,” the driver says. But Bruce insists that he should take it, and that there is more money to hand out, so the driver accepts. 

The next two drivers featured in the video are so touched by the donation that they give Bruce a hug, but only after making sure it isn’t a prank. 

“Nah, you ain’t giving me no money,” says the next driver. “Man, you joking man.”

The next drivers featured in the video are a husband and wife team driving couple, and at first they’re a little spooked when Bruce walks up to their truck, but they eventually warm up, climb out of their rig, and even take a photo with Bruce in appreciation. The two appear so touched that they might cry – the wife even seems like she’s wiping away tears from behind her sunglasses. 

“Man that feels great. We’re going to do this more often,” Bruce concludes. 

Check out the video for yourself. The version attached below is a shortened version, but you can watch the full 12 and a half minute clip here. It’s sure to give you a mood boost. Here’s hoping you run into Bruce during a fuel stop one day.


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