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Buzzfeed is asking for the weirdest trucker stories – Think they can handle what real drivers have for them?


A popular website has put out a call for drivers and truck stop workers to share their weirdest trucker stories, and we’re not sure they’re ready for what they’re asking for. 

“The world can be a tough and difficult place, but it can also be strange and straight-up bizarre,” the article reads. “That said, I’m convinced that truck drivers and rest station attendants know a thing or two about peculiar experiences considering the fact that truck drivers are constantly on the move, and rest station attendants see a number of people coming and going.”

“So, if you’re a truck driver or work at a rest station or truck stop, please prove me right and tell me all about the wildest, funniest, or strangest things you’ve experienced or witnessed.”

The article goes on to list some pretty mild examples of what someone might see OTR or at a truck stop. 

Interested in letting the general public know what really goes on out there? Fill out Buzzfeed’s form here and they might just turn it into another one of their articles (or not…)


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