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Car squeezes by semi truck in video that leaves trucker “at a loss for words”


A car squeezes by semi truck in a video that starts out slow, but ends with you wondering how that didn’t end badly. 

In the clip, a truck driver is making their way along a highway, through a tolling station, and into a merging lane. As you watch, you keep thinking the semi truck up ahead is going to do something crazy, but then an orange Jeep squeezes by the truck on the right as their lane ends. 

The Jeep’s decision was risky, but not shocking. Then, a white car squeezes by even closer to the rig without even any of their lane left. The incident leave you wondering how the car didn’t end up crushed against the guardrail by the semi truck. 

“Me at first seeing nothing wrong and being confused , expecting the other semi to swerve in front of you.

Than I see the orange jeep and go oh well thats a little close but a vid…

Then I see the next car and go what the fuck was wrong with him,” commented one viewer. 

“I’m at a loss for words,” wrote the video poster. 

“Come to NYC you’ll be left speechless,” added another. 

Watch the video below. The action doesn’t start until around the 45 second mark.

I’m at a loss for words
byu/Ruger_Sr22 inTruckers

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