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Check out this behind-the-scenes footage of a pilot car driver just doing their job 


Just in case you’ve never hauled an oversize load, here’s a look into what exactly a pilot car does to help the trucker out. 

In the video, the trucker hauling a large piece of metal needs to exit the highway on a curve, so the pilot car driver lends a hand. 

The pilot car moves into the far right lane, blocking any traffic from trying to squeeze next to the rig as it turns right from the center lane. The pilot car driver then helps the trucker navigate the curve, helping him keep the end of the trailer from going off the shoulder of the curved exit. 

“Training in progress. Doing what we are good [at] moving oversize,” reads the video caption.

Watching these sorts of interactions is kind of interesting if you’ve never been a part of one before. Check it out for yourself below.


training in progress doing what we are good moving oversize

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