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Driver says he ‘escaped death’ after ignoring his “fear that something bad was gonna happen that night”


A truck driver says he escaped death after strong winds toppled his truck in California over the weekend. 

The accident happened on Saturday, January 7th between Vacaville and Sacramento, California. 

According to ABC 10, 42-year-old Barry Kunkel had a bad feeling about his regular route  from  Vacaville to Sacramento that night, but decided to make the trip anyway. 

“I kind of had that fear that something bad was gonna happen that night,” said Kunkel. “I even told my loved ones that I was kind of scared to drive that night.”

Toward the beginning of his drive, Kunkel, who doesn’t answer his phone while driving, missed several calls from his supervisor, warning him that the weather was going to be bad and urging him to pull over. Kunkel didn’t receive the message until he was already loaded and heading back to Sacramento after his first stop in Vacaville. 

However, even without the prior warning, Kunkel could tell the weather was getting bad. 

“I slipped my hazards on, let all the other people on the road know that I’m going severely slow because the winds were picking up,” said Kunkel. “That’s when it abruptly hit me.”

The wind hit Kunkel’s truck on Interstate 80 and caused him to flip, leaving him injured inside of his wrecked cab. 

“When I finally did topple over, it just happened —  instantaneous,” said Kunkel. “I mean, it was just one big, big swoop and bang and then I was grinding across the asphalt for a good, I’d say, seven, eight seconds.”

“Before, I thought nothing could really push me over like that but it picked me up like I was a feather,” said Kunkel. “I mean, it was just amazing the velocity of that wind that night.”

“I remember somebody tapping on the window, and it was a young black gentleman, and he was like, ‘Do you want me to break the window?’ And I said, ‘Yes, I’m bleeding bad,'” said Kunkel. “There also was another couple that pulled over in an SUV, a young couple, and then I believe the tow truck driver joined up on the scene  — they were all kicking in the window trying to break it.”

A tow truck driver then made it onto the scene and used a tool to cut a hole in the windshield, where Kunkel was pulled out. Kunkel says he remembers the young couple taking off some of their clothing to make a tourniquet for his arm. 

Kunkel was eventually transported to a nearby hospital and is now recovering at home thanks to the help of some kind strangers.

“I just honestly want to thank the people that came to my aid when a lot of cars were passing me by, and the people that actually prove the angels do walk among us,” Kunkel said. “I wish I knew who they were, so I could personally thank them.”


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