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Motorist claims “pretty scary” truck driver angrily aimed laser pointer at them while tailgating 


A motorist claims that an angry truck driver aimed a laser pointer at her and her family in a construction zone in Oklahoma recently. 

The incident was recorded on Interstate 40 in Midwest City, Oklahoma in a construction zone when the motorist, her sister, her brother-in-law, and their four children got stuck in traffic behind another car. 

“This big box truck just pulls up behind us and it’s kind of tailgating us for lack of a better term,” said Jessica Mancuso, a passenger in the car the truck driver was tailgating. “We can’t really move around this car.” She says that’s when the truck driver started using the laser pointer. 

“It is shining in the rearview mirrors. You know, it’s like shining all around the car,” Mancuso said. “I was just really terrified.”

“He just looked so mad,” Mancuso continued. “I just don’t know what the deal is with him.”

She says her sister is the one who recorded the video, and that the truck driver then pulled up beside them with the laser pointer and started screaming. 

“I’m just thinking about her boys, you know what I mean?” Mancuso said. “My nephews, like, I was just really nervous about it.”

Eventually, the two vehicles went in different directions, ending the confrontation, but the family contacted the trucking company to report the incident. 

“They told her that they were going to put the guy on like only a three-day suspension and that he’s going to take a safety course and it’s something they take really serious,” Mancuso said.

“I hope I don’t see him again on the road, you know, by me especially… I definitely hope to see it addressed. I know in my company we would see it addressed.”

The company did not respond to requests for comment by Oklahoma News 4. No further information has been released. The video recorded my the motorist can be found here.


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