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VIDEO: Semi truck plows into Fort Worth cop car and van on icy I-20


The Fort Worth Police Department recently released harrowing dash cam video from an accident involving semi trucks and a police vehicle that occurred last month.

The video was captured on February 2, 2023, on eastbound I-20 in Fort Worth, Texas. The video shows the final portion of a multi-crash incident involving three semi trucks.

From a Fort Worth Police Department news release on the February 2 crashes:

…two of our officers responded to an accident on the highway, when one of the patrol vehicles was struck by the trailer of a jack-knifed 18-wheeler.

After being hit, the officer was able to get out of his vehicle and began walking toward his partner when a second 18-wheeler struck his patrol vehicle. As the two officers worked together to get across the iced-over highway to a grassy median, a third 18-wheeler slid on the ice and struck the patrol vehicle.

The second officer sustained injuries to his ankle as he moved across the icy surface. Even though both officers sustained injuries, they immediately moved back to the highway and began checking on the people involved in the multiple accidents.

In the dash cam video, you can see the third crash, as a truck strikes the police cruiser with lights activated. The truck then hits a van and skids into a jackknife.

See the dash cam video below.


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