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VIDEO: Trucker says someone ‘stabbed’ all 18 tires as he slept on off ramp


A trucker took to social media to sound the alarm after he awoke to find all of his truck’s tires had been punctured and were going flat. 

TikTok user Lucasdad81 shared a video on October 3, 2023, detailing what happened as he pulled over to rest off I-75 at Exit 37 in Adel, Georgia.

The driver in the video explains that he and his wife pulled off on an exit ramp to sleep. When they woke up in the morning, he says “all 18 tires had been stabbed with what looks like … an ice pick.” He also says that the six tires on the equipment he was hauling were punctured and his lines had been cut. 

The trucker even zooms in to show that many of the tires have been punctured multiple times. 

“This is gonna wipe us out, guys,” he says, mentioning that the quote on the tires is about $9000. “This is gonna really hurt us.”

“It just scares me because what if they had wanted to rob me or get in the truck and kill us?” he asks. 

Take a look at the video below.

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