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WATCH: Trucker encounters a crazy lady, but actually seems to enjoy it. 


A truck driver seems to actually enjoy his encounter with a very bizarre woman in this strange video. 

In the video, the woman is standing in a driveway that the trucker needs to back into. The driver asks her to move, but instead of getting out of his way, she performs some sort of odd dance routine while the trucker good-humoredly makes sound effects. 

In the second half of the clip, the driver seems to have managed to back into the driveway without incident, but the woman has walked up to his open door and eventually tries to climb inside while he flees out the other door, somehow still laughing. 

“Crack is one hell of a drug,” commented one viewer. 

“You handled this a lot more patiently than I would have. Are you an ex New Yorker in Florida or something?” added another. 

Watch the bizarre video below. 


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