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New enforcement to target unsafe motorists driving near commercial vehicles


The Delaware Office of Highway Safety (OHS) is spearheading enforcement efforts targeting unsafe motorists driving near commercial vehicles.

Delaware OHS is partnering with state and local law enforcement for “a new high visibility enforcement focused on the traffic safety of motorists around commercial motor vehicles.”

Police will take part in two motorist-focused enforcement periods in 2024 from April 28 to May 11, and then from June 15 to June 29.

In addition to enforcement, Delaware OHS will also work on providing awareness and education for the motoring public on how to drive around commercial vehicles.

“Driving around vehicles that are much larger than your own can be intimidating. Being aware of the differences between regular vehicles and commercial motor vehicles can help us all make informed decisions out on the road,” said Sharon Bryson, Director, Delaware Office of Highway Safety. “It’s not just the responsibility of the driver of the commercial motor vehicle, it is everyone’s responsibility to use our roadways safely. We all have to share the road, and we all have the same goal, to Arrive Alive.”

See below for tips from OHS on how motorists can drive more safely around commercial vehicles.

  • Leave a following distance of at least 200 ft.
  • If you can’t see their side mirrors, they can’t see you.
  • Don’t hang out in “no zones”. Try to steadily pass and avoid staying in their blind spots for too long.
  • Make sure you can see the whole truck in your rearview mirror before changing lanes.
  • Allow enough space for the vehicle to make a turn. Larger vehicles need a larger space to make a turn. Don’t get caught under a truck.


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