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Startup says they can convert diesel big rigs into hybrids in a matter of minutes


A startup has debuted new EV technology that they say can convert diesel big rigs into hybrids.

Revoy (formerly known as SixWheel) is a subscription service that inserts the pre-charged Revoy EV vehicle between the tractor and the trailer to help power the truck and reduce diesel fuel consumption. The Revoy EV’s electric drivetrain powers the wheels, allowing the semi truck to travel about 250 miles on a battery charge, then the device switches over to diesel when the battery is depleted.

Revoy Website

According to the company website, the Revoy EV connects to any standard existing fifth wheel and the kingpin is locked normally.

Revoy says that one advantage of the product is that drivers don’t have to wait for a charge. Instead, they can visit a “swapping station” and allow an attendant to swap the depleted battery for a new one within three minutes while they head inside for a bathroom break or a snack.

The company says that semi trucks using the Revoy EV can get 20 to 35 miles to a gallon of diesel while reducing emissions by 85%.

Because the Revoy EV is owned by the company and rented out to trucking companies, the company says that truckers can avoid maintenance fees and enjoy significant savings right away. The Revoy EV service also comes with a mobile app that allows truckers to reserve a device and provides information on the battery range and safety indicators.

Fast Company reports that the Revoy EV is currently in production with a swapping station in Dallas and additional swapping stations planned for Texas, Arkansas, Oregon, and California.

Does anyone know what this thing between the truck and the trailer is?
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You can check out the company website for more.


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