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Trucker parts traffic like the red sea just to pass line of semi trucks


Trucker parts traffic like it’s the red sea when he pulls into the opposite lane just to pass a line of other semi trucks. 

In the video, the driver is caught on dash cam passing the filming driver going the wrong way on a two lane highway. The wrong-way driver manages to pull ahead of the filming driver, but has to swerve into the left shoulder to avoid a head-on collision with oncoming cars. 

“He rode the entire shoulder length until it was gone,” described one viewer. 

Once the shoulder ends and the oncoming traffic passes, the wrong-way driver pulls back into the wrong lane before crossing into the correct one and pulling in front of the line of semi trucks that prompted his dangerous pass in the first place. 

“Friend of mine sent this to me so I could share it with yall. He did get the truck number, and the driver has been reported. Hopefully something gets done,” wrote the video poster. 

Watch the incredibly dangerous maneuver with a happy ending, below.

Takes a special kind of stupid
byu/Nozerone inTruckers

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