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Hey Truckers, CDLLIFE wants to help you get to know as many different trucking companies as we can. We had the opportunity to speak with K&B Transportation which helped us learn more about who they are as a trucking company.

If you are interested in learning more about K&B Transportation then start by reading CDLLife's Q&A with K&B Transportation. You can find our Q&A sessions with K&B Transportation below.

After you have read our Q&A session with K&B Transportation the next step is to browse K&B Transportation's Truck Driving Jobs. If interested in working with K&B Transportation you can fill out an application or call them direct by using the links we have provided here.

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Q&A with CDLLife

In a paragraph or two, take some time and tell our readers a little bit about your company. In other words, who are you and what do you do?


K&B Transportation is a growing refrigerated carrier. We strive ourselves on being a leader in company driver compensation, that’s why not only do we pay our drivers 45 cents per mile to start, but we also offer our drivers a bold guarantee of 2500 miles per week. At K&B Transportation we understand that a paycheck consists of a solid mileage pay and excellent miles, and that’s why when your on the road if we can’t get you 2500 miles in a week, we are going to pay you the difference! This guarantees our drivers $1125 per week minimum! Keep in mind with our top miles your guarantee is just your minimum, drivers easily out earn our mileage guarantee with most drivers earning $60,000 plus yearly and our top driver earning over $85,000 in 2016!

In your mind, what makes your company unique from all of the other trucking companies that exist?


The biggest thing that makes us different than other carriers is our true commitment to driver compensation. Our pay scale is not a smoke and mirrors show with “up to” and “with bonuses” in our mileage pay, instead we offer a solid mileage pay (45 CPM to start) and put our bonuses and accessory pay on top of our wages! We also make sure our drivers time on the road is worth something, hence our 2500 mile per week guarantee. Finally we make sure your paycheck never goes stale at K&B Transportation and we offer 1 CPM raises at 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years and 7 years. We also keep current on industry pay trends and are determined to be a leader in mileage pay, that’s why we have raised our pay 7 cents per mile since 2013!

With there being so much competition between trucking companies for experienced drivers why should a prospective driver consider working for your company as opposed to all of the other trucking companies that are looking to hire drivers?


Top Pay! Guaranteed Miles! Midwest Lanes! We also strive to get our drivers home on time. The fact is we are an award winning carrier with over 99% on time delivery, that’s unheard of in this industry and we put that same effort into getting drivers home on time! Simply put we get our drivers home on the day they specify over 99% of the time. There isn’t another carrier out there that puts the effort into getting drivers home on time that we do!

What can you tell our readers about the culture of your company?


Communication is very easy to do with our company. We purposely keep a low driver to dispatcher ratio so that you can reach someone 24/7 without an excessive hometime. We also are currently starting a program aimed at lowering our already low turnover by as much as 50%. Simply put we care about hiring and maintaining drivers for the long run, not the short term like many other fleets. We want to invest in our drivers and do so with scheduled raises and top miles. We want you to succeed.

Can you share with our reader’s some things that they may not know about you?


K&B Transportation was started by a driver and still holds that core value 700 plus trucks later. By maintaining one terminal in spite of growth we maintain a small company atmosphere where everyone knows your name, something unheard of in a company with a large terminal network.

Most of our readers of very aware of the turnover problem that exists within the trucking industry. Generally, what is your company’s thoughts on driver turnover and what is your company doing to reduce the turnover rate at your organization?


We started a program recently aimed at lowering turnover by up to 50%. We are going to make sure that we have experienced, knowledgeable dispatchers to help you with your specific needs rather than someone new to the industry that does not know the issues that drivers face day in and day out, nor how to plan in the best interest of the drivers. We also maintain an open door policy and plan to look at specific drivers needs rather than our fleet as a whole. Every driver has a story and specific needs, our goal is through direct communication and management to be able to work with drivers on a greater individual level.

What type of freight does your company haul?


We are a refrigerated carrier.

What’s the typical running area that your company operates in?


Our drivers get a choice between Midwest and National. Our Midwest drivers typically operate as far east as the OH/PA line and West as Denver, anything north and south in between. National drivers must be willing to go anywhere in the United States although they strongly concentrate on the Midwest, but do enjoy the occasional long haul runs.

As best as you can, can you summarize all of the different truck driving jobs that your company is hiring for?


We strictly hire company drivers. Unfortunately in this day in age due to thin margins owner operators and especially lease operators have a very small chance of success. We want drivers to enjoy the same successes we do and we stay away from those type of programs, instead we concentrate on offering one of the strongest company driver positions in the industry.

Can you provide our readers with general information about how your company compensates drivers that work for you?


We start our drivers at 45 CPM and offer 1 CPM raises at 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, and 7 years. Our top driver earned over $85,000 in 2016 with many in the upper $60’s and $70’s. A driver starting out here at the bottom of our pay scale generally earns $60,000 plus.

What are your minimum hiring qualifications?


We need a Class A CDL and 6 months experience.

How many terminals does your company have and where are they located at?


We have one terminal located in South Sioux City, NE. Unlike other carriers that may want to bus you to orientation, we fly our drivers to orientation. We are not going to forego driver comfort to save a few dollars.

If there is any additional information that you would like to share with our audience of professional truck drivers?


We currently offer probably the fastest paying, most direct sign on bonus in the trucking industry. Our drivers enjoy a $400 bonus their first check and a $500 bonus their second check