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Mobile Computing Accessories for Truckers


For as much room as drivers have in their cabs, it also means that an unsecured laptop or smartphone can end up on the floorboards or broken during a quick maneuver.  Drivers are finding more often these days that a multi-tasking machine like a laptop or smartphone is irreplaceable when going over the road. But simply placing a computer on the passenger seat isn’t the best way to keep it intact (and running cool).

Laptop Mounts for Trucks

As tempting as it may be to pass on securing your computers because solid mounts are expensive, think about how expensive and fragile laptops can be. Yeah, that $100+ mount doesn’t look that stupid now, does it? So here we go¦

This is a simple, single leg laptop mount that doesn’t need any type of drilling for installation. All you need is a simple wrench to secure the two medium sized bolts. It’s fully adjustable for height and viewing angle.
Priced around $190

A full-featured laptop mount. Unlike the previous model, it bolts to the floor. But the way it’s designed lets you place it specifically where you wish, as close as you need to access road information or communicate with carriers and dispatchers quickly and easily.
Priced around $175

This seat top laptop mount is the simplest one of the bunch “ just unfold the arms and clamp them securely to the seat cushion. The rubber mounts keep the laptop elevated at nearly any angle, and also keeps it off of the seat fabric, which can overheat many computers and crash them.
Priced around $155

Smartphone Mounts for Trucks

Get a tight clamp on your smartphone that has a flexible stem that plugs right into your truck’s cigarette lighter. You won’t have to worry about battery life for the long hauls. The stem is stiff enough for smartphones that have both touch screen or tactile keypads.

Price: $30  

Quick mount brackets that use suction to stay put on windshields are convenient, but there are limits to their use in CA and MN. This model will attach quickly, while using retractable side tabs to fit nearly any size and brand of phone.

Price: $17

Depending on where the cup holder console is in your tractor cab, this stable and unique smartphone mount that fits in standard size cup holders may be a good choice.  It has a flexible gooseneck that allows you to see the screen from any angle, and you don’t have to mess with any mounting bolts.

Price: $25

Other companies that make mobile media mounting hardware worth looking at “




Do you have a brand of computer or smartphone truck mount that you think is great? Let us know! The CDL Life truckers will give it a road test.




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