Biggest Loser Truck Driver

Ever have the best and worst day of your life at the same time? Well, professional trucker David Dopp of Santaquin, Utah did. On December 17th, David won a local contest where the prize was a lime-green, 631-hp Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640. That’s right, James Bond type vehicle right there. It’s worth over $200,000 and can go nearly 220 mph…and it’s also really easy to wreck.

Yep – David tried some fancy moves on a stretch of desert highway and ended up sailing into a ditch, busting the oil pan and the (what Lamborghini calls a) bumper. Awwwwww! See you in driving school, buddy!

What do Murcielago models look and sound like? Like this.

[youtube url=”″ title=”Truck%20Driver%20Wins%2FCrashes%20Lamborghini”]

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