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A Tribute To A Father’s Love


A Father's Day Tribute The story of Dick and Rick Hoyt, father and son, has touched hearts around the world.  At birth, Rick was born mentally handicapped, as a result of oxygen deprivation.  Doctors told the Hoyt family to institutionalize Rick, but the Hoyt’s refused.  The couple did all they could to raise Rick as they would any other child.

At 15, Rick was given a modified computer so he could communicate.  Rick used the computer to ask his dad if they could run a 5-mile benefit race together.  Dick agreed.  Dick ran while pushing Ricks’s is wheelchair for 5 miles.

After the race was over, Rick told his father, “Dad, when I’m running, it feels like my disability disappears.”

That was all the encouragement Dick needed.  Dick, who was not a runner at that time, became a runner and has since pushed his son in nearly 1,000 races and triathlons.  

Rick was once asked if he could give his father one thing, what would it be? Rick responded, “The thing I’d most like is for my dad to sit in the chair and I would push him for once.”

Dick is nearly 72-years-old and is still behind his son in every race.

Dads, you don’t have to run a marathon or a triathlon for your child to know you’re behind them.  You have to love them and support them in the time you spend with them.  

Happy Father’s Day!

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