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City May Annex Trucking Company To Silence Trucks


City May Annex Trucking Company To Silence NoisePeople often get upset if they hear a prison is going to be built in their area and protest against it.  People also get upset to learn that a sex offender is moving into their neighborhood– rightfully so.  The people of Burr Ridge, Illinois aren’t complaining about a prison or a sex offender, they’re complaining about the noise coming from a trucking company.  In fact, they’re creating quite a noise themselves, and they’ve taken their voices to the city’s planning and zoning committee.

Compass Truck Sales has been on the property since 2003, but recently Compass got away from sales and re-opened its doors as a Compass Trucking School.

“They were pretty good neighbors,”  Sherry Tameling, who has lived within about 50 feet of the Compass parking lot since before the company was in business, told Burr Ridge Sun Times.

Tameling says since the company changed its mission, the sounds of trucks’ grinding gears has flooded the area.

“Usually it starts around 7 in the morning and goes until around dark,” Tameling said of the back-up signals and horns. “They’re constantly going from forward to reverse, teaching them to park the trailers.

Tameling and several of her neighbors went to the Burr Ridge City Council to ask what could be done to silence the school.

“Village Administrator Steve Stricker said the business, which now is in unincorporated DuPage County, is completely surrounded by land within the village limits. Annexation is a matter of a simple vote, which Stricker said should take place at the board’s Sept. 10 meeting,” the Sun Times reported.

“The matter came to the village’s attention when Compass Truck, 15W580 N. Frontage Road, petitioned the DuPage County Zoning Board of Appeals for a conditional use to operate as a commercial drivers license training school.”

The residents and the County may have a legal leg to stand on, because when Compass changed from truck sales to a trucking school, they did not file the change with the county, therefore they do not have the authority to operate as such.

CDL Life will bring you more news on this matter as it comes available.


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