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GPS Leads Driver Into Tight Spot, Prompts HazMat Call


GPS Leads Driver Astray We’ve posted a lot of stories about drivers who have been led astray by GPS units.  Here’s another cautionary tale.

On Friday a tanker driver was driving through Red Bank, Tennessee, following his GPS’s directions to his destination.  The GPS unit prompted the driver to turn onto East Meadow Drive, a road too narrow for trucks.

As the driver attempted to turn, the wheels began to come off of the pavement and the truck became stuck.  The driver stopped his truck and called emergency personnel to help.

The Red Bank Fire Department and the Hamilton County HazMat Team responded to the driver’s call for help.

The driver was carrying a load of argon gas, a non-toxic gas most commonly used for welding.  HazMat responders released a few pounds of gas so the truck could be turned around and the driver could be sent back on his way.



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