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If The End Is Near, This Is The Truck You Need


Survivor Truck The Mayans predict that the end of the world will be December 21, 2012, while Nostradamus predictions stopped at the year 3797.  The Bible says no man shall know the day or the hour of the end, but that hasn’t stopped many from preparing for the end of civilization as we know it.

Mad Max, I Am Legend, The Road, 1984 and other books and movies have done their best to depict an apocalyptic earth.  The scary, vivid scenes convey desperation and despair; something more akin to horror than to fantasy.

National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers TV show follows families preparing for the end of civilization. Many of the families have stockpiled weapons, food and supplies and run end of times drills.  Although these families appear to be more prepared than the general population, their supplies and training have got nothing on the Survivor Truck.

The truck is the brainchild of Costa Mesa, California resident Jim DeLozier, who sells survival supplies.  The idea was to build the ultimate survival truck, one that could withstand even a nuclear attack.

“My goal was to build a vehicle that can go anywhere you want to go, stay as long as you want and drive back out,” DeLozier told Yahoo Autos.

“On the outside, the truck gets bulletproof shielding, a filtration system to keep chemical agents out of the cabin and even a coating of pickup truck bedliner. Night vision helps keep watch on what’s happening when the lights go out, while a solar generator can provide power for the array of communications gear during daylight hours,”  / Motoramic  reported. “On the inside, there’s enough water, food, toilets and battery power to keep a group of people not just alive but comfortable for months amidst chaos. If parked in the wilderness, the top platform includes a complete camping unit and inflatable raft, along with a water purification system; if there’s some need for an aggressive response, the truck has a protected sniper’s cage and a backup crossbow and arrows.”

The stout truck comes with a steep price tag of  $100,000 to $600,000, but to the hardcore doomsday prepper, might be worth the money.

“Its engine is designed to run on a variety of fuels, as is its primary generator. There’s ample storage, and by DeLozier’s calculations a family in a fully stocked Survivor Truck could live off the grid for up to two years. If dad has special forces training, that window could probably be pushed out even further,” Motor Authority reported.

Read more about the Survivor Truck at Motor Authority.

Survivor Truck
Image Credit: Survivor Truck

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