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Outback Truckers Season 1, Episode 1


Truck driving through North America can be tough. Slogging through the harsh conditions of rural Australia can be nightmarish. One film crew decided to show the world just how hard it can be, and created Outback Truckers. Consider us interested in the outcome.

“The program is raw reality; it shows these professional truck drivers in their genuine work environment operating in challenging conditions to deliver the goods for their customers. There is no glitz, no glamour, just the real challenges faced day in and day out with truck drivers all over Australia.” says Bill Fulton, Managing Director for Cat Trucks. Cat is one of the carrier companies profiled on the show.

Beating fires, storms, floods and tough road conditions, these professional truck drivers battle through physical and mental challenges and traverse some of the toughest terrain around Australia.

We saw the promo reel for the show a couple of weeks ago and knew we had to share it with not only our trucker buds from Oz, but with our North American audience as well. The show’s producers said that they did their best to focus on real issues that make the job tough, and worked very hard to keep manufactured drama out of the show.

So here’s the YouTube playlist of the first episode. We’ll try and keep you updated on new episodes as they come. There are three posted online at this point.


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