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Photoset: Classic Custom Cars


Custom Show Car Photos
The “El Matador” By Bill Cushenberry

We’ve got some sweet show cars for you this time around, truck drivers! There’s crazy creations by big time steel benders like George Barris (who is responsible for the first Batmobile, as many of you know), Bill Cushenberry, Dean Jeffries and Carl Casper.

We found these at an image site courtesy of the hot rod artist Coop. Coop is an icon maker that’s a favorite of hundreds of rod wreckers and dolls, who puts a cartoonish spin on a lot of characters like classic movie monsters, devils, pinup girls and drag racers.

Coop is also a huge fan and understudy of hot rod culture’s most famous artist, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. If you were a rodder in the 60s, 70s or 80s, you would see at least one Big Daddy creation on a shirt, hat or tattoo at any gathering, car show or drag race.

This style of custom car making spawned a phenomenon called Kustom Kulture during the 80s and 90s. Kustom Kulture is  is usually identified with the greasers of the 1950s, the drag racers of the 1960s, and the low riders of the 1970s. They all add their unique visions to the movement through tattoos, clothing fashion, music and vehicles. It’s part punk, part rockabilly and part grease monkey.

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Having said that, let’s get to the pics! We hope you see something you like, truck drivers!

If you can’t get the slideshow to play in the window, visit the original page at Flickr here.


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