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Satellite TV For Truck Drivers: King Dome AIR


Truck Driver Satellite TV SystemsWhat do you do for your down time, truck drivers? Is it just a quick DVD in the portable player, or is your sleeper cab decked out with the high tech tip top? We know some truck drivers like to travel with gaming systems, some just have their LCD/TV/DVD combos and others just try and pick up some TV signals on satellite TVs. What’s your favorite?

There aren’t that many satellite TV options out there that are secure enough for semi trucks. The Tailgater model only comes with a flimsy window mount that can be tampered with by your garden variety truck stop scoundrels. The VuQube is a bit more sturdy for cab mounts. The King Dome seems to have a good answer – a secure bolt mount that’s out of normal eye line all the way up on the roof.

The bad news? Ouch. The basic stationary system that you can hook up to your TV starts at $799. Still, this thing has been proven time and time again to be the best there is, so for those who look at their down time entertainment as something to invest in, this is probably the one.

Be sure and do your research first. Click the image below to have a closer look at the King Dome Satellite TV systems currently available at Amazon.com

Satellite HDTV for Truckers
Look closer at the King Dome Satellite TV Systems at Amazon

What’s Under the Hood?

The King Controls King-Dome 18″ Automatic Satellite System has a built-in Digital Off-Air Antenna and comes with completely automatic satellite acquisition, all you need to do is decide what to watch. It works fast and the interface is pretty easy to figure out. All you really have to do is park, press a button and within minutes you have all your favorite channels at your fingertips.

The system works well for any secure mobile vehicle like a semi truck or a motor home. The interface provides a seamless program guide for all available channels and automatically switches satellites when you select a new channel on a different satellite. It can be used with Dish network HD programming to get the most available HDTV channels nationwide.

Key features of the King Dome AIR:

  •     Coax Cable Connection Only – No Power Cables!
  •     Completely Automatic Satellite Acquisition & Switching
  •     Dish Network HD Capable
  •     Receiver Remote Controls All Hardware
  •     Unique, Integrated Antenna & Receiver Software
  •     Half the Price of Competing Products!

Read the owners manual here in pdf form.

The King Dome also lets you upgrade your existing roof mounted satellite dish, King-Dome or others, to full HDTV capabilities with no need to install additional cables or find an external power source.  Just use the coaxial cable from your existing satellite dish or from the satellite prep installed by the OEM and you’re already pre-wired for reception of DISH Network SD and HD programming.

Sleek, aerodynamic 14.5″ dome with high gain antenna for best possible reception.  Powered by receiver over single coaxial cable connection.  Requires customer supplied DISH Network compatible receiver (ViP211k, ViP211 or 411 models).

Get free off-air digital and HD local channels wider reception range vs. traditional off-air RV antennas Improved UHF reception where 80 percent of channels are now broadcast. Combine with existing digital off-air antenna for multi-directional coverage (hardware included) Nothing to raise or lower, always ready for travel.

Helpful Accessories for the King Dome AIR antenna


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