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Texting Teen Nearly Impaled By Fence Post


Texting Driver Nearly Impaled By Fence Post
Photo Credit: ABC News

A Washington teen narrowly escaped death when he drove his pickup down a 20ft. embankment and through a fence.  

ABC News reported,” Dale McCauley, 18, was driving east on a highway near Aberdeen, Wash., approximately two hours outside of Seattle on Saturday when he suddenly made a dangerous U-turn and began to head west on the highway, Washington State Patrol Trooper Russ Winger told ABCNews.com.”

Commuters who saw McCauley’s black Dodge swerving in and out of his lane called 911.  Many reported to seeing McCauley talking and texting on his phone.

Within minutes, McCauley lost control of the vehicle.  His car went down an embankment and struck a fence.  One of the fence posts went through McCauley’s windshield and out the back.  If the post’s path had been 6 inches lower, it would have hit McCauley’s head.

“One of the fence rails just pierced the windshield and went completely through the car and into the back and was probably six inches above his head,” Winger said.  “If it had struck him in the head or the chest, it very likely would have killed him.”

McCauley escaped with only a few lacerations, possibly from flying glass.  He was taken to the hospital and later released.

McCauley was given a $550 ticket for negligent driving.

Just how hard is it to text and drive?  Watch this video:

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/HbjSWDwJILs” width=”450″]


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