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Truck Driver App: Find My iPhone!


By Chris Bartkoski, at Tech Bits Blog.

No more “finders, keepers” for the iPhone thanks to Apple’s app called Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone is 100% free and works on the iPads and the iPod touch as well.

Find My iPhone requires iOS 3.1.3 or later. Go the app store and do a quick search for Find My iPhone. Download and sign in.

The technology included in Find My iPhone pings your iPhone’s location within 12 feet of it’s actual location. This works when the phone is off or if the screen is broken. You can also remotely delete private information from your phone.

Find My iPhone works, and works well. My roommate found an iPhone laying in the middle of a street downtown Kansas City. The phone had been ran over by several cars and the screen was broken so he had no way of determining who the phone owner was. 8 hours later a law enforcement officer showed up at my front door asking for the iPhone saying it had pinged within 12 feet of my house. We handed the broken iPhone to the officer and he went on his way.

• Locate your iPhone or iPad on a map
• Display a message and optionally play a sound for two minutes at full volume (even if your device is set to silent)
• Remotely set a passcode lock on your device, or lock it using your existing passcode
• Remotely wipe your device to permanently erase all of your personal data


Truck Driver Apps: Find My iPhone


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