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Truck Driver Songs: Deadbolt “Truck Driving SOB”


Songs for Truck Drivers Deadbolt
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Welcome back to another episode of our gear-crunching series Truck Driver Songs. Here we find examples of songs from country and rock stars that immortalize the lifestyle of the North American Truck Driver in lyrics that create narratives that plead to listeners hearts, minds and dreams. This week, we feature a song that pleads to listener’s nightmares.

Deadbolt’s music combines surf rock, goth, psychobilly and blues sound with unusual and offbeat lyrics, a style the band dubbed “voodoobilly.” They describe themselves as “The Scariest Band in the World.” While that’s mostly just marketing gimmick, they do actually have a great aesthetic that’s part Nashville and part Transylvania that makes them true originals. So what better band to feature for our Truck Driver Song series during the Halloween season?

These guys have a great sense of humor and a fantastic sound, with just the right tinge of creepiness thrown in. Twangy rockabilly surf sound, heavy on reverb, with vocals/lyrics that sound like some unholy union of Johnny Cash and Rob Zombie.

Besides the release of several CDs, the band has toured both North America and Europe extensively. The band is known for its use of power tools during their live sets, and it is customary to be showered with sparks of red-hot metal during their live shows.

The song featured today is “Truck Driving SOB” off of their sixth studio album called Voodoo Trucker.

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/-82RwFZA0Ck” playlist=”Deadbolt Truck Driving SOB” title=”Truck%20Driver%20Songs%20Deadbolt” width=”450″ height=”320″]


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