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Trucker Saves Woman’s Life Following Deadly Crash


With all their time spend on the road, truckers are bound to see some horrific accidents and many often stop to help when necessary.

Trucker Robbie Duncan, of Fort Smith, Texas, was driving along Interstate 40 just outside of Memphis, Tennessee when he stopped to help crash victims Barb Kleinwachter and her husband after witnessing their truck being rear ended by another vehicle at a high rate of speed.  The Kleinwachter’s truck was left  mangled and smoking.

“I’ve driven trucks for almost 20 years, and I’ve seen many of deadly accidents on the highway and I’ve even helped a lot of accidents on the highway, but I’ve never seen anything quite like that,” says Duncan.

Duncan approached the smashed-up, smoking pick-up and pried its crumpled door open to pull Kleinwachter out, while firefighters worked to put out a grass fire in the road’s median. I know the Lord gave me the strength to do that because I couldn’t have opened the door on my own, says Duncan.

“A lot of people don’t stop along the road and help people out and I just really felt that the Lord led him to me and blessed me,” says Kleinwachter. “I just really thank him for that and someday I’d like to meet him.”

Kleinwachter, who suffered a severe concussion, a twisted spine and scrapes and says she doesn’t remember anything from the accident. Sadly, Kleinwachter’s husband of 44 years died on the accident’s impact.

Kleinwachter says Duncan is her guardian angel and the two have had several phone conversations since that fateful January 30, 2012, day and hope to meet in person one day.



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