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Trucker Shames Bad Drivers With Dash Cam


7 News Yahoo Australia
Originally posted at 7 News – Yahoo Australia

Adelaide, AUS – A truck driver who mounted a dashboard camera to his rig has taken to Youtube to expose the bad drivers of Adelaide.

While his videos have received thousands of views, a leading motoring group has criticized the footage.

The videos uploaded on the ‘Adelaide Truck Cam’ Youtube channel show vehicles being cut off, near misses, red lights being run and even pedestrians dicing with death.

But the Royal Automobile Association (RAA) says the public shaming of bad drivers is not the answer.

“I think there are concerns about people be filmed when they don’t realize its taking place,” RAA transport planner Charles Mountain said.

Visit the Adelaide Truck Cam YouTube Channel to see how the truck driver publicly puts 4 wheelers to shame.

“While we can understand people get frustrated when they see drivers doing the wrong thing, there is a better way of dealing with those situations.

“We would be recommending our members to go and report these things through the police traffic watch line, which deals with precisely these sort of issues.”

He said people have a right for their privacy to be protected.

“What this highlights is that everybody sees our actions, and while we think we can do the wrong thing and get away with it, somebody will certainly be seeing what we are doing,” Mr Mountain said.

“Shaming is one thing, but it doesn’t necessarily solve the problem.
“If the driving is reckless and dangerous enough, then really it should be followed up with the police who have the power and capacity to deal with these things appropriately.”

Story originally posted at 7 News – Yahoo Australia.


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