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VIDEO: Trickshot Video Earns Kid A Pro Football Tryout


Alex Tanney seems set up for success, in part due to the video that he posted on YouTube showcasing his throwing accuracy (sometimes hitting small targets from as far as 100 yards away). Right now, he’s training at a rookie camp. What got him there?

Confession: it wasn’t 100% due to his YouTube video. Tanney is a pretty accomplished college quarterback in the NCAA Midwest Conference Division III. During his time at Monmouth College, Tanney broke the NCAA record for all-time career touchdown passes with 150. His other record was for 14,249 total passing yards. These earned Tanney a spot in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Tanney was projected as low as a sixth round pick. However, he was not chosen by any team. He was invited to the Pittsburgh Steelers rookie mini-camps as an undrafted free agent. This week Tanney announced via Twitter he would not travel to train with the Steelers, and would instead take a rookie camp spot for the Buffalo Bills. At this time, Buffalo has not officially contracted Tanney to play, but as they say, time is on his side. His video continues to get more hits, earning him more fans who will make the effort to see him play.

Ball’s in your court, Buffalo!



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