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December Trucker Buddy of the Month Announced


Trucker Buddy International OutreachWhat are the reasons Bruce Wehner was chosen by Trucker Buddy International as the December 2012 Trucker Buddy of the month? His nominator Rose Wenzel has four good reasons.

“First, he writes us once every week. But, these letters
are brief snapshots of his trucking experiences, but lengthy and
detailed diaries of his of his endeavors and expeditions! My
students are captivated by his writing skills and precise choice of language to illustrate his journeys. He also converses with us through weekly emails; my students love to read his email on our smartboard!

Second, Bruce shares his experiences he had as a student with us! We know his favorite subjects as a child and the topics which  caused him a little learning grief. If we could, we would add him as
an addition to our Multi-age classroom!

Third, he sends us photos to help us understand the structure of the truck, his love for his wife and animals, and his quest to  share with us his treasures in life.

Fourth, he expresses his commitment to education by always reminding us to study hard and to daily do our best! He is an inspiring role model and my students and I eagerly await his
trip to Pulaski!”

Trucker Buddy International is a public relations group dedicated to improving the image of truck drivers to the public. They ask that anyone who knows a truck driver who wants to help children understand what they do for a living, contact Trucker Buddy International to find out more.

Trucker Buddy International December 2012
Bruce Wehner, a driver for Cliff Viessman, Inc of South Dakota is the Trucker Buddy of the Month for December 20112.

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