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Like It Or Leave It


By: C.L. Miller

I’ve had several “careers” and a dozen or so “jobs” over the course of my working life, and I have two requirements for staying:

1. I must be able to tell others what I do with a feeling of pride.

2. I must be reasonably happy every day that I have to go to work.

If either of those fail, I start planning to move on.

I admit I have a low tolerance for people who complain about their job. I know work is scarce these days and many don’t dare quit anything that pays the bills. But somewhere along the line they chose to do this work. I’d like them to remember that. If it’s that bad, find something else or stop whining. No one is forced to remain in a job, and those of us who are in the same boat don’t want to listen to your ranting.

I decided to check myself on truck driving.

If I were to pull out a random 100 on-duty days from the past four years in this job, I think it would break down like this:

Delightful:          57 days

Enjoyable:          29 days

Tolerable:           12 days

Miserable:            1 day

Don’t ask:             1 day

I showed this chart to Harry. He agreed, although we may not share the same feeling on the same days. Not bad, overall.



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