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VIDEO: People Are Awesome 2013


In 2012, a short compilation of incredible video stunts, sports highlights and extreme acts became one of the biggest YouTube sensations of all time. It made nearly 55 million views in just a few weeks after being posted.

Obviously, the guy who compiled some of his favorite moments of 2011 would do it once again in 2013 to thrill viewers and give them a great way to start out their day while watching some of the most incredible video moments from 2012.

Some of the highlights of this version include:

  • An incredible snowmobile acrobatic jump
  • A goal scored in a soccer game by a player with only one leg
  • An outstanding save by a baseball player being interviewed on camera
  • A 10 year-old who completed an amazing skateboarding trick
  • A girl who faced her fears and swung down a 200 foot canyon holding a single rope
  • A kid who uses some kind of device during a cliff dive that…well, we don’t know what that was

People Are Awesome


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