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Thieves Steal Truck, Leave Behind $200K in Liquor


Thieves Steal $200K In LiquorAccording to the St. Lake Tribune, last week, thieves took off with a truck loaded with 1,229 cases of expensive tequila, but thanks to technology, police were able to track down the truck and its load.

On Friday, a truck loaded with $200,000 worth of liquor was stolen from a West Valley City parking lot.  The thieves drove the truck to Woods Cross, unloaded the loot and put it in another trailer and left the load of liquor behind.

Four hours later, the truck’s GPS history led police to the locations of the truck and its load.

“The thieves then apparently drove the truck to Woods Cross, where they off-loaded all 1,229 cases of liquor into their own trailer — which was not registered — locked it up tight and left it behind. They then abandoned the stolen truck and trailer somewhere in Salt Lake County,” the St. Lake Tribune reported.

The liquor has been returned to the trucking company that was transporting the load.

Authorities believe the load was left behind until it could be divvied up or sold off.  Police are still investigating the theft.



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