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Truck Driver Murder on Investigation Discovery


redrumThe Investigation Discovery channel is going to be featuring the murder of truck driver James Kelly on tonight’s episode of Redrum at 10:00 E/P.

“When truck driver James Kelly is shot to death, police soon realize that their suspect is covering up for someone. Follow the investigation into a web of bribery and betrayal.”


Here’s the backstory for those of you who will not be able to catch it tonight!

Truck driver, James Kelly was shot to death in his home on October 23, 2005 in Cushing, Texas. The initial suspects in the investigation were James’ stepdaughter Shaina Sepulvado and her friends Colton Weir and Dallas Christian. All three of the suspects were charged with James’ death. However, later on in the investigations interview process James’ widow Marcia suspiciously implicated his death – making her a suspect as well. Three days after the murder, Marcia Gayle Kelly was arrested in connection with his death as well.

Eventually, Colton admitted that Shaina and Marcia had plotted to have James murdered, and had promised him a vehicle as payment for committing the crime. Marcia admitted to hearing Shaina and her friends talk about wanting to kill her husband, but refused to admit that she had any connection to his murder.

On October 26, 2006 Marcia was charged with capital murder.

Her trial began on July 31, 2006 – there the jury was presented with a motive. There was a $100,000 life insurance policy on James for which Marcia was the beneficiary. The prosecutor also noted that Marcia and James often argued when it came to disciplining her disobedient daughter Shaina.

The following testimonies to be presented were from Colton and Dallas – the men that Marcia had solicited to kill her husband. During Shaina’s testimony, she defended her mother saying that she (Shaina) was responsible and that Marcia was not involved – she also claimed that James had beaten and molested her. Marcia did not testify.

The jury did not believe the testimony, and Marcia was automatically charged with parricide (murder for hire) and sentenced to life in prison with out parole.

Colton Weir and Sahina Sepulvado were both convicted of capital murder in separate trials, and are both serving life without parole.

Dallas Christian plead guilty to murder, and in 2008 was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

To this day, Marcia maintains her innocence.

This case was also aired on the series Snapped on March 20, 2011.


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