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VIDEO: God Made A Truck Driver


The wildly popular ‘God Made a Farmer ‘ Dodge commercial prompted a truck driver to make a video about truck drivers. ¬†We thought he hit the nail pretty squarely on the head.

According to the video’s description:

I need someone who can wake up and go to work any time of the day or night.
So God Made A Truck Driver.
Someone who would work in all weather and conditions
Must be prepared for both extreme heat and extreme cold.
Someone who can drive in any
weather and road conditions.
Someone to deliver food, medication care products, clothes, home entertainment equipment, even the automobile we drive.
Living in a truck bunk which is smaller than a jail cell.
To deliver food, clothes, pharmaceuticals, electronics, etc… across the country.
Get yelled at for being late, threatened to refuse the load and having to wait there for being early.
Truck drivers wife wake up in the mornings
reaching for a man that is not there.
Can’t he get the baby just this once? Nope, because he is not there.
He has put forth a great effort to be there for his wife and the kids
It is time to head back out, The Wife make a great effort not to cry. It hurts him when she cries because he hates to walk out that door as he has to leave her and the kids again. He has a job to do and she has to stand by him and let him do it.
Truck driver is back on the lonely roads again to deliver what the world needs.
God bless all the truck drivers. The world salutes you.
I am sure his son one day would want to spend is life doing what his dad does.



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