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App Review: Skimble Workout Trainer


For those who feel like driving truck gets in the way of finding time to exercise, there’s an app for that.

The Skimble Workout Trainer Smart Phone App is a free, easy to use “virtual coach” that has thousands of preset workouts. The categories span from the type of workout such as cardio and full body to muscle groups like arms, chest, legs and back.

As one long-haul truck driver testified, it works great on the road because you can create and customize your own routine according to how much time you have and your current fitness level. Every workout is labeled as mild, moderate or intense and shows the time to complete it. Most workouts range from 5 to 30 minutes.

When you begin a workout, you’ll see a description and visual of the routine, usually a video. A computerized voice is your “coach”, describing each exercise and counting down until you immediately transition to the next exercise. The good news is that sometimes you get a break in-between exercises.

The bad news is that if you’re new to working out and don’t know much about form, you may have a tough time getting started. While there’s a brief description of what to do, there’s not much education about the basics of each movement, such as how to safely position your body for best results.

But if you have even just basic fitness experience, this the Workout Trainer can go a long way. For even more motivation, why not involve your friends and get them to download the app too? With its networking capabilities on social media sites like Facebook, you can see each others workouts and even make turn it into a competition!

Here’s an online review of the Skimble Workout Trainer. Although it’s from a few years ago, today’s version of the app remains very similar, with the exception that you no longer choose a personal trainer to get started, you just dive right into the workouts.



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