Canadian wireless company, ‘Wind Mobile’ announced last week that they will now be offering a low-cost unlimited U.S. roaming plan.

Customers will be offered unlimited talk, text, and data while traveling in the U.S. for $13.24 per month ($15 Canadian Dollars).

This offer is a huge challenge to the top three largest mobile companies (who offer service in the United States) in Canada – Rogers Communications Inc., Telus Corp, and BCE Inc’s Bell.

This could potentially force other wireless companies to drop their roaming rates, and decrease cost.
Currently, Rogers – the largest Canadian wireless carrier offers an add-on, giving customers, unlimited text, 500 minutes of talk, and 1 gigabyte of data for $300 (Canadian Dollars). Rogers has a less expensive text, talk, and data plan for $40 per (Canadian Dollars) month which includes: 200 megabytes of data and unlimited text.

Rogers also offers a $15 U.S. package which includes: Unlimited calling across the U.S. – long distance charges round up to the minute and the plan only applies to calls which originate in Canada or with the Roger’s Network.

Telus’ offers a U.S. travel pack for $65 (Canadian Dollars) with a 300 minutes of talk-time, 300 megabytes of data, and unlimited text add-on.

Bell has a $20 (Canadian Dollars) voice and text package with 100 minutes of talk, unlimited incoming text messages, and 1000 sent text messages.

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Wind Mobile

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