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Huntington City Street Department Adds New Truck to Fleet


If you live in Huntington, Ind. life just got a little easier.  The Huntington City Street Department is going to lend a hand with one of your yardwork chores.

Huntington City Street Department  just got a new toy that Superintendent Bob Caley  has been anxiously awaiting since he ordered it last September– the X-TREME Vac.

The truck will aid in leaf pick up, making what was once a five-man job a one-man job – a one man and one very large truck job.

The vacuum has dual steering so that the driver may ride on either side of the truck while operating the vehicle.

X-TREME Vac is powered by a joystick  and is  powerful enough to pick up leaves with no help from workers on the street. So this once five-man job is now a solo mission.

The truck’s arm is long enough to reach across the sidewalk, so residents do not need to continue sweeping their leaves into the street for pickup, Caley says.

He is excited to begin using the X-TREME Vac, which will make its inaugural leaf pick-up Monday.

Source: The Huntington County Tab

Take a look at an X-TREME Vac truck in action:

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/JG6oRzagWQA”]



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