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Life on the Road: Tight Spaces


C.L. Miller

In the past twelve years I’ve gone from a 1600 square foot, two story, three-bedroom house to an 800 square foot, two-bedroom apartment, to a 64 square foot one-room sleeper.

While the space has diminished, the requirements haven’t changed much.

Nowadays my “kitchen” is a microwave, a small electric skillet, and a single-serving crock pot. My “library” is on CD or my Kindle app. My refrigerator holds an eight-pack of Pepsi OR a half gallon of milk; the freezer can accomodate a tray of mini ice cubes and an ice cream sandwich. My bed sleeps two toddlers comfortably; two adults is a crowd.

And I don’t have to tell you about closets!

I own six pairs of jeans, and about twice that many shirts. I have one sweater, one jacket, and two pair of shoes. I have hooks and racks and bins over my head and under the bed. My computer has a nook. My earrings live in a small plastic box originally designed for fishing lures. My cosmetics stay in my shower bag.

I know the items I need most often, and they are stored front and center. There is a place for everything, and on a good day everything is in its place. For the most part, we can move around without tripping over each other or the waste basket or the laundry bags.

Am I complaining? Not at all! I consider it a challenge to my extraordinary organizational skills. This is how we all do Life on the Road.


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