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Redtail Vs. Semi


Reddit user, petroos is the nephew of a truck driver. When we saw these unbelievable photos, we knew we had to share!

According to petroos, the driver was headed out of Dallas at 75 MPH when he saw the bird swoop in front of his truck from the left – followed by a thud. The driver assumed that the bird was a (now dead) vulture and continued for 45 more minutes to a rest stop.

Once he arrived, he realized that he’d hit a redtail hawk – and that it was still alive wedged into the front of the truck between the hood and headlight. The hawk had been clinging onto the hood’s interior with it’s talons – hanging on for dear life!

The driver called the local authorities, who removed the bird from the truck. Aside from having a broken wing, the bird was in pretty good shape! – It has since been nursed back to health!

Reddit user: petroos


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