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Scam Warning: Driver Scammed Out of $3,000


According to the Daily Tribune News, a truck driver who was having work done to his truck at the TA on White Road in Cartersville, Georgia says he was conned out of nearly $3,000.

The driver says that while he was having work done on his truck, he got a call from someone claiming to be an employee of TA.  The caller told the driver that there was a problem with the TA’s computer system and that he’d have to pay with a a Comcheck.

The driver gave the scammer a Comcheck for $989.37.  Next, the scammer said the new correct amount was $991.51. The scammer said he’d avoid the original Comcheck.

“After issuing another check, the victim was told the amount was still incorrect. The victim issued a third check, this time for $967.07, after being assured that the previous checks had been voided,” the Daily Tribune News reported.

In total, the driver had issued the scammer $2,947.

The driver soon became suspicious of the caller and phoned the TA to verify the situation.  When he called the TA, he was told that the computers were not down.

The truck driver rushed to stop payments on the Comchecks, but it was too late– the scammer had already cashed all three checks at the Pilot truck stop across the street.

Video surveillance at the Pilot showed two black males in their 20s or early 30s chasing the checks.


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