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Where To Stop: Best Kept Secrets


Relaxing Best Kept Secret
By Heidi O.

Do you ever wonder what you could do to relax when you are on the road? Do you sometimes wish you could just stop and ‘take a break?’ Well, I have found the perfect place to do just that and drivers pass it daily!

It’s a hidden dream. A paradise in disguise! And it’s right off of I-10 in Tonopah, AZ. Tonopah translates to “hot water under the bush” in the local native American language [1]. This is VERY fitting for their hidden secret!

At Exit 94 in Tonopah, AZ there is a delectable little truck stop with a hidden secret. Just a minute walk away is the El Dorado Hot Springs, Oasis in the Desert .

So when you have time on your 10-hour break, why not take an hour and go relax and soak? The cost is a mere $15 for one hour, and they have private and semi-private rooms.

The first question I asked was what are hot springs?

I’m from Ohio; we don’t have hot springs that I know of.

Well, they are the most delectable, soothing, refreshing tubs of water I have ever been in over my life time. They NEVER get cold like a bath. They are not overly hot like a hot tub. The tubs are naturally heated by Mother Earth to an average of 107° [1]. To me, they are what Heaven would be like.

El Dorado’s website states that it is “located above a subterranean hot spring of pure, tasteless, odorless mineral water.” I swear when you are walking over from the truck stop, you can smell how clean it smells and once you get in the water you can feel the rejuvenation on your skin. After soaking, you can feel how silky, smooth your skin is!

El Dorado has 1 semi-private  and 4-private rooms available to soak in. You choose how long you want to soak. The rooms all have different views, from watching the sunset over the desert to just enjoying the stillness of the desert and the quietness of it all.

If you want out of the truck for the night, El Dorado also offers overnight accommodations ranging anywhere from $50 a night and up, depending on what you are looking for. Some of their overnight accommodations have their own private soaking tubs right out the back door. Some include the use of the semi-private area. They also have RV and tent camping.

I believe everyone should get there at least once. A driver has the perfect opportunity to visit with the truck stop literally right across the street. So, if you get a chance, and want to “get away” for an hour, go give it a try. You will be glad you did!


El Dorado


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