Thieves Steal Truck Loaded With Crisco
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Over the weekend, a slick-handed thief in Florida stole a truck and its load of 36,000 pounds of Crisco sticks.

According to, the 2005 Volvo truck was stolen from the Costal Towing lot in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Crisco was supposed to be delivered at the Publix distribution center in Lakeland. The truck is owned by NS Express LLC, of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Police said that another trailer on the lot had also been broken into.  The trailer contained boxes from Amazon.  Several of the boxes on the trailer had been opened and some of their contents had been stolen.

The stolen truck was recovered Monday evening in Hialeah.  There is no word on the load of Crisco.

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Florida Times-Union

Image Credit: dcwcreations /



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