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Tow Truck Driver Shocked By Surprise Bee Attack


Jason Small, a Maine flatbed tow truck driver got quite the unpleasant surprise on Wednesday when he was responding to what he thought would be a routine call.

Unfortunately, he was not informed that the broken down truck had been hauling bees.

When Small began to hook up the stranded vehicle, bees began to swarm.

According to Small, “I tried to load up and all of a sudden there were thousands of bees everywhere. – It was a scary thing for me.”

He was stung in the arm, and as soon as he realized what was happening, Small jumped in the cab for safety – but it was too late, he was having an allergic reaction. Small began to lose vision, his arm felt numb, and he was sweating profusely. He could feel his body starting to shut down.

Luckily, Small was able to contact his employer. He was then quickly transported by ambulance and treated for the sting at a local hospital. He was even able to return to work that day.

Small, although grateful to be alive, believes that he and drivers like him should be notified in the event that the vehicle they’re towing is hauling something potentially dangerous (like bees).

Local authorities say that most of the bees have been removed from that area, but that some may still remain.

Central Maine


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