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Truck Driver Saves Police Officer Who Was Being Choked


A truck driver’s quick thinking and willingness to help is being credited with saving  a police officer’s life.

On Sunday, Kroger driver Kenneth Campbell was delivering food to the Kroger store on Kirby Parkway and Poplar in Memphis, Tennessee, when he saw a man lying in the lot of the Kroger store.

“I saw a white, male body laying in the lane that we use to get to the dock,” Campbell told WREG. “It was pouring down rain, so I thought something happened.”

Campbell flashed his truck lights at the man lying in the alley, and suddenly 28-year-odl Frank Sutherland jumped up and began banging his hands on Campbell’s truck and trailer.  Campbell said Sutherland began shouting at him and attempted to open his truck door. Campbell immediately called 911.

Sutherland then took off running, stumbling away.

Officers found Sutherland lumbering along the street.  They stopped Sutherland and tried to get him to sit in the police cruiser. Authorities say that’s when Sutherland lunged at the police officer and began choking him. Sutherland allegedly told the officer he was going to die.

Campbell, who had followed Sutherland in his truck, was still on the phone with 911 and watched the entire event unfold.  He told 911 dispatchers to get help for the police officer.

“I told them while I was on the phone they need to send more help, because this one officer…He’s not going to be able to handle him,” Campbell told WREG.

Moments later, officers arrived to assist with the situation.

Campbell told WREG that he realizes that had he not followed the man, the officer may have suffered a worse fate.

Sutherland was arrested and faces charges of aggravated assault, resisting arrest and public intoxication.


Source: WREG


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