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VIDEO: 80 MPH Down Monteagle Mountain


This video was sent to us by a CDLLifer who asked us to help track down this driver.  According to the video’s description, this driver is driving down Monteagle Mountain in Tennessee. The video is entitled “FAST TRUCK DOWN Monteagle Mountain.”

At one point in the video, the truck driver drives down the breakdown lane.

Editor’s Opinion: This driver gives other drivers a bad name.  The driver makes some very dangerous moves.  Drivers like this need to be taken off the road. The purpose of sharing this video is to track down this driver and get him or her off the road.  If you know who this driver is, please report him or her to the authorities.


Edit- Many drivers have pointed out the possibility that this driver may have sped up the footage or that the video may be a fake. – We certainly hope this is the case.

If you’re having trouble viewing this video, follow this link to the original. 

Video Credit: Colton Moore


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