Kyle W. shared this heart-warming video with us.  Here’s what he said, “I am 17 and my dad has been a truck driver for 30 years, so trucks are something I have always loved. There was severe weather in my area closing down most of the roads and in the process I got lost, so I had been listening to the CB all night and asked for directions. This driver not only gave me directions, but told me he was getting off on the exit I had already gotten on and once I saw him could get on his back door. If it weren’t for him, I would have been lost in some crappy traffic after already being stuck for 4 and a half hours. Below is the video of this event, and was wondering if you would post it to show what a real truck driver is and to show that there are still some fine drivers out there. I want people to know how truly important they are.”

Thanks so much for sharing, Kyle! You’re right, there are still a lot of wonderful drivers out there.



Kyle Winner