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5 Essential Secret Menu Hacks At Your Favorite Truck Stop Restaurants


While we always advocate healthy eating and cooking on your truck if possible, sometimes it just isn’t. And when those times come you’re often left choosing between a quarter pounder and the fish sandwich.


That’s where menu hacks come in.

When you’re on the road for days or weeks at a time with only the same few restaurant choices over and over again (another Subway?!?), the meal time boredom gets to be a real struggle. That’s why we say if you can’t break up the monotony by cooking in your truck, try hacking the fast food menu to shake up your taste buds! (Do keep in mind that not all staff members will be familiar with all secret menu items. Be polite and patient and they’ll almost always work with you.)

Secret Menu Hacks for Truck Drivers

–McDonald’s: Poor Man’s Chicken & Waffles

If you’re lucky enough to roll into a McDonalds that serves the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit for breakfast, try ordering a Sausage McGriddle with a chicken filet instead of a sausage patty. Grab some maple syrup and buffalo dipping sauce and you’ve got a sweet and spicy breakfast situation going on.

Burger King: The Veggie Whopper

For those of us trying to cut down on meat or to eat more veggies, this is a great choice. This is just a regular Whopper with the beef patty swapped out for an almost equally yummy vegetarian patty. This is such a popular hack that our sources say you should only have to order a Veggie Whopper and the staff should be able to to do the rest.

–Taco Bell: The Incredible Hulk

This is a way to make a Taco Bell favorite just a little bit healthier (and, we think, better tasting!). If the staff doesn’t know this secret menu item by name, simply tell them to replace the nacho cheese sauce on a 5-Layer Burrito with guacamole, skip the inner shell, and make it Fresco. You could skip the sour cream, too, if you really wanted to lower your fat and calorie count.

 –Arby’s: The Meat Mountain

If you are willing to pay $10 for a massive pile of basically all of the meats, this is the sandwich for you. Most staff members know that this is a sandwich that starts with chicken tenders topped with turkey, ham, Swiss, brisket, corned beef, steak, Cheddar, and bacon. If not, just ask nicely for a sandwich with every type of meat they serve plus Swiss and Cheddar.

–McDonald’s: McLeprechaun Shake

You’ll only be able to enjoy one of McDonald’s most famous secret menu items for a few weeks a year, but if the restaurant is serving the Shamrock Shake, ask them to blend it 50/50 with a chocolate shake for a minty sweet treat.

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