While driving long stretches of highway, why not try an audiobook to pass the time?

In need of a good story for your next trip?

We highly recommend giving UNBROKEN a listen on Audible.com!

May, 1943. World War II sets the timeline of this book. Follow LT. Zamperini, an airman who’s plane has gone down in the pacific.

Zamperini must find a way to survive the crashing waves, temperatures, and the elements, including a school of sharks circling near by – with only his whit and strength.

Will he survive? Will anyone come to his rescue? What key things from this mans past might just save his life?

All these questions are answered in a riveting story you don’t want to miss!

Unbroken is a story of true survival in the all too familiar setting of the second World War.

From the author of Seabiscuit, Laura Hillenbrand brings this story to life with the narrative help of Edward Herman.

Unbroken is sure to catch your attention every bit of its 14hr runtime.

Audible.com is available on both iOS and Android, so be sure and get it here:

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Here are some reader reviews on Unbroken

“You HAVE to buy this audiobook!” – Craig

“Absolutely Stellar!” – Douglas

“Hillenbrand could make even the laundry fascinating!” – Annie

“Intoxicating book! I couldn’t stop listening!” – Rebecca

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