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Four Creepy Trucking Horror Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen


We’re not sure why, but trucking and horror movies seem to go hand in hand.

We all know (and love) the trucking horror classics like “Duel” and “Maximum Overdrive”, but if you’re looking for something new, try one of these!

Disclaimer: These movies are cheesy, full of plot holes,¬†and they are definitely not going to win any Academy Awards. But they are pretty fun. You’ve been warned!

Road Games

“Road Games” is, simply put, Italian horror meets trucking. Stacy Keach plays a truck driver who picks up a hitch hiking Jamie Lee Curtis. They become further and further entangled in cat and mouse games with a serial killer as they roll along the desolate Austrailian highway. One of the best things about this movie? It’s nice to see a horror flick in which the trucker isn’t the bad guy!

Road Train

For those “Maximum Overdrive” fans out there, here’s another one about murderous driverless trucks. A group of teens are forced off of the road by a truck hauling doubles, only to be forced into escaping from an armed lunatic by highjacking the truck. The only problem? The teens face miles and mile of Australian outback and the truck runs on the blood of its victims. The movie is a little goofy and there are some definite plot holes, but it definitely makes for a fun popcorn flick.

Dark Haul

This SyFy creature feature (which is also called “Monster Truck”) follows a group of secretive guardians who use an 18-wheeler to transport a monster and his half-human sister. Come for the over the top truck stunts, stay for Tom Sizemore and the Jersey Devil effects.

Joy Ride

This one is a little less obscure — and for good reason. It’s actually pretty good. Ted Lavine (from”The Silence of the Lambs”) is perfect as the menacing voice of Rusty Nail as he terrorizes teens who messed with him over the CB radio. And there are two sequels you can watch if you like Joy Ride.






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